Frequently Asked Questions

What is MTO certification and how will it affect my insurance?

  • After completing an MTO approved Beginner Driver Education course, you will be certified with the MTO. This means that you can pick up a document known as a Driver License History from any Ontario Service Centre and take it to an insurance company as proof that you have completed an MTO approved BDE course, making you eligible for a potential discount on your auto insurance.

Are you approved by the MTO (Ministry of Transportation of Ontario)?

  • Yes we are. A copy of our MTO certification can be found in our office.

Are all driving schools MTO approved?

  • No, we would like to warn you that all schools are not MTO approved. Be aware of schools that say they are ministry approved but actually aren’t; you will not get an insurance discount because they can’t certify you with the MTO. You can check for a school’s certification on this link:
    You can also find the webpage by googling: “MTO approved beginner driver education courses”.

What services do you offer?

  • We offer private lessons that are in-car only, and full courses that include a minimum of 20 hours of in-class instruction and 10 hours of in-car training. Our services are specific to each student’s driving ability and knowledge of Ontario’s Traffic law.

Can I join a driving course without my G1?

  • Yes, in fact, it is a great idea to take a driving course before writing your G1 test. MTO approved courses cover almost all the topics that you will be tested on when you take your G1 test.

Can I take in-car lessons if I don’t have a G1 yet?

  • No, Ontario law states that you must have a G1 license before you can take in-car lessons. However, you are allowed to take in-class lessons without a G1.

Do I have to finish my in-class lessons before I can start my in-car training?

  • No, you can decide whether you would like to take both in-class and in-car lessons side by side, or if you would like one before the other.

Are the full course in-car lessons for both G2 and G preparation?

  • The in-car lessons and road test included in the packages are for students preparing for their G2 license. In order to prepare for and take the G road test with the full course package, students need to pay an additional $100 plus tax for package 1, $150 plus tax for package 2, and $190 plus tax for package 3.

Can I pay in instalments or do I have to pay in full right away?

  • We understand how difficult it can be sometimes to pay in full. That’s why we’ve decided on creating personal payment plans based on each customer’s needs. Just talk to one of our instructors or our receptionist and they would be glad to help.

When will I be able to pick up my Driver License History?

  • As soon as you complete our full beginner driver education course, we will process your MTO certification and you can pick it up at your nearest Service Ontario location. Please call us to make sure you have been certified before you go to pick it up.

What if I lose my Driver License History

  • If you received your certification after September 2008, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario will have your file on record and you can go to any Service Ontario location which will charge you $12 for another copy. If you received it before Sept. 2008, please contact the MTO office and they can assist you.

What are the benefits of using a driving school’s car for my road test?

  • Not only does it tell the examiner of the driving test centre that you have practiced with a driving instructor, but a school car also comes with a second brake. The second brake, allows the examiner to stop the car in case of an emergency, making him more comfortable during the road test. If you purchase a package that includes the school car for the road test, the only examination centre covered by that package is the Toronto Metro East location. However, if you wish to go to a different examination centre, there will be an additional charge. Prices vary depending on the location.

What are private lessons and who are they meant for?

  • Private lessons are in-car lessons only. They are meant for drivers who are familiar with road signs and traffic laws but need help getting rid of bad driving habits and bad techniques. On top of that, our instructors will also be teaching you the safe methods they’ve learned in their years of driving such as understanding risk perception, maintaining following distance, driving at night and much more. Each lesson is 90 minutes in length; Each G2 lesson is $60 + HST and each G lesson is $70 + HST

What are full driving courses and who are they meant for?

  • Complete driving courses, are suited for people who have little to no driving experience. In our lightest package, you will have 20 hours of in-class lessons, 10 hours of homework, and 10 hours of in-car lessons and you can choose what time suits you best for both types of lessons; the price for that is $339 +$15 MTO fee +HST which comes to a total of $398.00. Complete Courses are also useful because, upon completion, they will show up on your Driver License history which you can then show to insurance companies in order to be eligible for a potential discount on your auto insurance. For drivers who have little driving experience or who haven’t owned car insurance before, taking a government approved course could make the difference between a really high insurance rate and a much cheaper insurance rate.