About Us

Trusted Provider of Full Driving Courses and Driver Education Classes in East York, Downtown Toronto, and the GTA

At Honours Driving School, we are committed to delivering complete driver education courses with practicality, efficiency, safety, and great advantages for all our students. Every aspect of our school is centred on maximum learning benefits. From our full driving courses to budget-friendly options, our school delivers accessible education that will help you get behind the wheel with comfort, security, and assurance in proper and effective driving.

Driving Courses in Downtown Toronto

Our comprehensive driving lessons in East York, Toronto and the rest of the GTA cover every essential detail to ensure our students are well-educated with appropriate vehicle handling and life-saving techniques. These include:


  •     Skid Prevention
  •     Emergency Maneuvers
  •     Swerve Control
  •     Driving in dangerous weather conditions (ice, snow, fog)
  •     Defensive Driving
  •     Risk Perception
  •     Collision Avoidance
  •     Emergency Braking
  •     Reflex Control
  •     Routine Surrounding checks

Qualified Driving Instructors in East York

We bring together skilful, courteous, and patient professionals to provide premium driving instructions that answer to our students’ individual needs. As an MTO-approved driving school, we regularly monitor classroom and in-car driving lessons to maintain training quality and absolute student satisfaction at all times. In addition, our instructors take annual re-certification exams to uphold our high standards of driver education.

Full Driving Courses in the GTA with Flexible Payment Solutions

Honours Driving School understands that while learning how to drive is important, getting a license on a budget is equally crucial for the practical student. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans to allow you to enrol in our driving courses with without worrying about an empty wallet. Simply talk to one of our representatives as you sign up for a package to know more about our easy payment solutions.

Driver Education with Insurance Benefits

Lastly, by completing our driver education courses, all approved by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, students will be eligible for a potential discount on their auto insurance and they get to take their G2 Tests 4 months earlier.

For more information about Honours Driving School and our full driving courses in East York, downtown Toronto, just call us at (416) 318-6600 today.

Our Instructors:

We constantly monitor the in-class and in-car sessions for likeability, how well students were taught and the overall satisfaction of the student. As a student, please let us know immediately of any concerns or issues you have with the instructor’s teaching method or even the course content. If you let us know while you’re registered in our program, we can fix the discrepancy automatically, making your experience with us even better!

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at our office line at (416) 318-6600 or e-mail us at info@honoursdriving.com