Stefan Divic
I recently obtained my G2 license with the help of Honours Driving school. My in-car instructor, Zack, was incredibly patient with me during every lesson and helped me develop confidence and skill as a driver. I recommend Honours Driving to anyone in Toronto seeking to obtain their G2 license.

Ashley Jones
I did my G2 test in the summer of 2016. My instructor was Najib and I though he was very good, nice and thorough! I didn’t have the confidence to drive at first and had a difficulty grasping the dimensions of the car, but after the first lesson I could already comfortably drive an SUV even though the teaches you in a much smaller car. He was a great instructor and I passed my test on the first try with only 4 lessons! The price is great too! Highly recommend this place!

Ana Zelinschi
I just wanted to give my positive feedback and say thanks to Honours Driving School for helping me pass my G full Driving Test (and pass it with ease). A special thanks to Mr ZIA for being a great instructor, flexible, being really clear and specific with all the info I needed in order to pass the test and eventually drive safe. He was a massive help to me and I would definitely recommend him and Honours Driving School to anyone looking for the best when it comes to preparing for a driving test in Toronto, special Full G session! Best regards! Ana

Boris Sucharov
Excellent school. In class and out were very good. Zia was my instructor and I strongly recommend him. Very calm, Always on time, lots of advices.
Thank you Zia. Thank you my friend.

Frank Marín
I just got my G2 licence thanks to the skills I acquired at Honours Driving School and especially instructor Zia. From the first in-class lesson I knew I had made the right decision choosing this school. The in-class sessions with Zia were pretty useful, entertaining and a very good preparation for the driving lessons. Zia was also my in-car instructor and I only have compliments for him. He is very nice, friendly, patient, professional and really knowledgeable. His tips were very useful and helped me to pass the test in the first attempt. I definitely recommend Honours Driving School and instructor Zia to anybody.

Jiehyon Ryu
After doing some research into finding the best driving school in Toronto, I can say I highly recommend Honours Driving School over others. There are many driving school options out there but it is difficult to find the right school.
Honours Driving School was very professional in handling payments and facilitating communication with my instructor, Zia. Zia and the school were able to to accommodate lessons to my schedule and the lessons started in a timely manner.
Zia is a very patient and effective teacher who has extensive experience teaching driving skills for both road test and for practical driving. He was very quick to assess my area for improvement and ensured that I was comfortable with all area prior to the road test that I passed.
Overall, I can say nothing but positives about Honours Driving School.

Richard Steiner
I had a fantastic experience with Honours Driving School. My instructor was Zia and I would recommend him to anyone. He was very calm, patient, professional and ensured that I had the necessary skills to drive safely and pass the G2 test. Incredible experience with Honours Driving School and Zia!

Lydia Francesca Spagnuolo
I just finished getting my G2 with Zia. He taught me everything soooo thoroughly. I would recommend this driving school 1000%. What an amazing teacher!!

Kavita Bisht
Highly recommended place for new drivers…. Just got my G2 and getting ready for G test… Zia (in car instructor) was really helpful in getting the driving techniques right and cleared all the confusion regarding different manoeuvres… Thanks a ton!!!

Rachelle Cuevas
I had a limited amount of time to get my G before my G2 expired. After doing some research, I decided to go with Honours Driving School. It was in a good location, offered affordable packages and was highly reviewed. The office staff are easy to get a hold of and are very accommodating.

I’m so glad that I was paired up with Zia for my in-car lessons. He was always patient with me, answered all of my questions and made himself available for lessons. Zia’s instruction really helped me feel confident for the test and ultimately pass. I’d highly recommend Honours Driving School and Zia as an instructor. You get a lot out of the lessons, Zia’s very easygoing and it was an enjoyable experience overall.

Zhicheng W
I attended this driving school from May and received G2 license in one month. Mr. Zia as my in-class and in-car instructor, he was professional, knowledgeable and incredibly patient. He showed encouragement and positive attitude which really helped me feel confident in the road test. Highly recommend.

Cai Flores
my first purpose to take a driving course was for the insurance discount. But after I attended the first class, I was actually enjoying it. Zia was a very good teacher. He covered all you would want to learn in driving and he was helpful. My in-car instructor was Zack and he was patient and calm while letting you take your time driving. i enjoyed how he taught me things I wanted to know specially in dealing with engine problems. I recommend HDS to those planning to enrol driving course. You get what you paid for, and more.

Ana Basarabeanca
I just wanted to give my positive feedback and say thanks to Honours Driving School for helping me pass my G full Driving Test (and pass it with ease). A special thanks to Mr ZIA for being a great instructor, being really clear and specific with all the info I needed in order to pass the test and eventually drive safe. He was a massive help to me and I would definitely recommend him and Honours Driving School to anyone looking for the best when it comes to preparing for a driving test in Toronto, special Full G session! Best regards! Ana

Zsuzsa Lako
If you are a timid driver as I am, you are in the best place! I had the luck of having Zia as my driving instructor, who’s talent, dedication and passion to teach his students made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel. Zia was very accommodating with my schedule and amazing in explaining and teaching the skills necessary not just for passing the G2 driving test, but to truly be a safe driver on the roads. I had my G2 driving test this past Friday at the Toronto Metro East and I passed it at first try!
I have to admit I was afraid that I will fail my first attempt, but Zia was honest with me, advised me when/where I needed more practice and encouraged me when he thought I am ready to pass the exam! And I passed it at the first attempt! 
Thank you Honours Driving School and Zia! Good bless you and keep up the good work you are doing. Zsuzsa Lako

Naz Ayon
Najib is a very knowledgeable instructor who ensures that you learn everything. Even though I didn’t have prior experience going on the highway, I was able to pass my G test on the first try with only two sessions with Najib. I highly recommend him!

Karen Li
Researched and browsed through multiple driving schools and nothing compared to this place with regards to reviews and pricing. I had Zia as my in-class instructor. He was amazing. He explained everything clearly and slowly to ensure we understood everything. Also had Zack as my in-car instructor. He is very patient and understanding – and also made sure to address all concerns. He never had any issues re-addressing any questions that I had. And he always made sure we practiced what I needed to work on. He also always recommended things that I needed to do.
I just came back from my G2 test and passed. I know for sure I will be going back to this place for my G if needed.

Mary Grace Correa Umali
I’m so blessed I have the best instructor in town, Najib is very supportive, kind, understanding, explaining everything you need to know, very professional, calm, patiently guide you, even if you make a mistake you will not be pressured and will assure you that everything will be okay and build your confidence in yourself, he is very committed to help, even the weather is not good, he will be there to teach you,. Thank you so much for everything, especially for praying to passed my G2 test, with your help and blessing of our dear God, I passed the test! God bless.

Boris Alexandre Sucharov
Excellent School. The in class lessons were very good (Zia was the teacher). I thought they would be boring as I am 46 (Had to do the G1 to G road test because I am from Brazil) but they were very helpful, full of information that are not in the book.Everyone should do it. Newcomers and also new drivers. I learned A LOT.
The driving lessons were also amazing. I had Zia as my instructor. I just have good things to say about him. Always punctual, calm, full of information every time we were out driving. Always correcting my mistakes.
Excellent school. Excellent teacher.
Thank you Zia. Thank you Honours.
Boris Sucharov

Adam Paunic

Alina Koziak
Passed my G2 thanks to Zack! I’m a bit of an anxious driver but had excellent experience with Zack, he is calm, patient and encouraging teacher. He was also very accommodating with my lessons!
Will see you next year for my G test!

Emmett Snyder
Just finished my in-car lessons with Zack – a wonderful instructor that made passing the G2 test a breeze. The in-class instructor is great as well. Will definitely recommend this school to my friends!

Asha Ramjee
I found Honours Driving School to be great value for my money. I was privileged to have Zia as my in class instructor as well as my driving instructor. He is a wonderful teacher who showed great patience and made my driving experience a real pleasure. Thanks Zia for all your help. I truly appreciate all I learnt from you.

Dmitri Sa
Honours is an excellent school. I got Zia as an instructor and have to say after my previous instructor (from another school here in Toronto) I was lucky to get him. Zia was always on time, the car was clean, and I never saw him talking over the mobile phone during our driving sessions. But most importantly in a span of just 9 classes, he taught me skills that allowed quite easily to pass G2.
I am not going to say highly recommended or other things people say. But I will say this; if you wanna pass your driving exam get Zia.

Thuydung Bui
I passed my G test today after taking lessons from Honours Driving School. Mr. ZIA was my instructor for both G2 and G test. He is an excellent instructor. He is calm, patient and goes extra mile to show me the skills necessary to pass the test. I could not go wrong with parallel parking and reverse parking when applying his technique. I was probably one of the most difficult students for him as I was always nervous and slow in learning. ZIA took the time to notice and point out my mistakes, making sure I remember not to make that same mistake during the test. ZIA truly cares about the students’ result because when his students pass the test, he would be the first person to congratulate you and be happy for you. I would definitely recommend ZIA !!!

Richard Steiner
I had a fantastic experience with Honours Driving School. My instructor was Zia and I would recommend him to anyone. He was very calm, patient, professional and ensured that I had the necessary skills to drive safely and pass the G2 test. Incredible experience with Honours Driving School and Zia!

Nina Sukinenko
Zack is great instructor – passed my G2 on the first try because he’s so good at teaching!!!! Best guy… 6/5 stars!!

Gautam Reddy
I am a student at Honours Driving School and my instructor was Zac. I just cleared my G2 in the first attempt and will definitely come back for my G licence. Zack is professional, knowledgeable and has a lot of patience in reaching the basics and advanced driving. He is very friendly and flexible in arranging the schedule for lessons and exam. I highly recommend this to anyone from beginner to advanced driving.

Aleli Leobrera
I passed my G2 test today after taking lessons from Honours Driving School. Zack is my instructor and he is calm and patient with my mistakes and too much questions. He makes sure I get everything right and perfect. I’m good now in parallel parking and reverse parking. I would recommend Zack to my friends and relatives.

Shadi Shahkhalili
I have been a student at the school and my instructor is Zack. Today I passed my G2 road test. Zack was a wonderful instructor, I appreciated his patience, calm demeanour, attention to detail, and encouragement throughout all our classes. I would absolutely recommend him, he is a great instructor. Thanks Zack for helping me with this process.

Giovanni D’angelo Cozzolino
Very good school. You learn all you need to get your license. Zia was an excellent instructor, very patient and taught me all I needed to pass in my exam

I attended this driving school from May and received G2 license in one month. Mr. Zia as my in-class and in-car instructor, he was professional, knowledgeable and incredibly patient. He showed encouragement and positive attitude which really helped me feel confident in the road test. Highly recommend.

Ferenc Lako
Today I passed the G test after taking driving lessons from Honours Driving School. Due to serious back pain I was a difficult and moody person during the driving lessons but my instructor just handled the situation with style and compassion. I have to thank him for this successful test. So if you plan to take driving lessons just take a minute and imagine your perfect instructor. Now, with that image in your mind go straight to Honours Driving School and ask for Zia. You won’t be disappointed. He knows everything there is to know about driving, a true professional. I really have to praise his interpersonal skills, his honest, calm and friendly approach. I enjoyed his lessons very much and I highly recommend the school and Zia. Thank YOU Zia!

Sakshi Malik
I just cleared by G2 today, thanks to Zack! He was ever so helpful in his instructions and nuanced in his feedback. I will continue to use his parking techniques going forward! Thanks Zack and good luck!

Irshad Ali Jawad
Hello I passed my G2 test in first try and my instructor was Najib he is really knowledgeable instructor, he explained all the driving skill rules in a very easy and with the very patient way. I definitely recommend him if anyone wants to learn driving. Thanks Najib.

HJ Leikucs
failed my g2 test for the first time about a year ago and got completely discouraged from trying again! But my mom signed me up for lessons at Honours Driving School Yonge & St. Claire and I just got home from PASSING!!! My Instructor was Zia and ALL thanks to him I am now driving and parking like a pro. He made the rules of the road simple and taught me everything in easy-to-remember steps within our first few lessons! By the time my test came around I felt confident and ready!! I’m now driving around without my parents which is a relief !!! THANK YOU ZIA you are the best!

Michelle Zapanza
Today I passed the G2 test! This was all possible because of Zia! He is very thorough and patient with each lesson, in the car and in the classroom. He helped me prepare for the test and built my confidence as a driver, which allowed me to pass on the first try!
I highly recommend that you go through Honours Driving School and request Zia as your instructor. Thank you Zia!!!!

Aline Larrocheski
I want to thank my instructor Mr. Najib. I highly recommend to take lessons with him. He was a wonderful instructor who was extremely patient answering all my questions and teaching me everything I needed to know about the test and also my driving generally. He made sure I was prepared and confident for the test. I am very happy for the way he trained me to drive safely and also get my licence in the first attempt after the lessons.
It was a wonderful experience indeed!

Aslı Ersözoğlu
Yesterday I have passed my G2 road test after learning how to drive from scratch in less than a month! I would like to thank my instructor Zia for that.. He was extremely helpful and very patient, not to mention his great efforts to accommodate our schedules given my G1 was close to being expired.. He was also able to drive me to a far test centre and show around the route prior to my test.. His teaching both in-car and in-class was very practical and I would confidently recommend him to all my friends!

Weiping Chen
I attended Honours Beginner Driving Education course obtaining my Certificate and then passed my G2 both of which I doubt would have been possible without the expert help and guidance from my instructor Zia who at all times remained calm and supportive and really helped me to be a confident and safe driver.

My instructor was Zia. He was extremely calm, professional and knowledgeable. He took all the time to ensure I could acquire safe driving skills, all with a very pleasant attitude. His teaching was definitely fundamental to successfully sustain the G class test.

Robyn Brennan
I attended this driving school in October and was in a rush to get my license. Zia (the in-class instructor) was knowledgeable, professional, and accommodating. I am an adult driver and had previously attended driving school in my teens. This school is by far the most professional and knowledgeable in comparison. Great in-class and in-car instructors. Accommodating, never late, and informative. Highly recommend.

Sarah L
My licence was close to expiring and I wanted to brush up and take my G test before that happened. I emailed the school and after sorting out a package I was assigned to Zia. I was definitely nervous having not driven for a while and really lacking overall driving confidence. Zia is really wonderful – I knew after my first lesson with him I was in good hands. He is friendly, patient and systematic with his approach as well as always punctual and prepared. He explains things well and maintains a positive attitude no matter what. I also really value his teaching approach – he really takes time to help with all driving skills to enable you to be a safe and well rounded driver and not just to simply pass the test and that’s it. He was very accommodating with me when booking appointments in despite his busy schedule (it was never an issue despite the fact he is so busy!) and I passed my G test first time under his guidance. I’m very grateful to him and the school for their professionalism and help to get here! Zia, you are a credit to this driving school and I will be highly recommending you to anyone I know looking for an instructor. Thank you!!

Chris Willcocks
Thanks so much Zack! Best driving instructor ever!

Haiyeong Yoo
I just took the road test and I passed it in the first try! All the thanks to Zack! In class session by Zia was fun and easy to follow. It was well constructed and much easier to understand than to study on my own. The in car session was joyful and very instructive. I was a complete new driver who screamed every move I took and now Zack made me a good driver. He was calm and funny. I believe we both had fun 😉 I was so nervous but he calmed and encouraged me. The 10hr included in the package wasn’t enough as I was completely new, So took a few extra classes and it was so worth it. Thank you so much Zack ;). Now I can drive!!!!

David Nghiem
I am very glad to have have chosen Honours driving school. Zack was my instructor and he was great. He was very knowledgeable and ensured I was ready for the road test. I passed my G1 exit road test in one try thanks to Zack.

Esra Mehmet Engin Solmaz
Today , I pass my G2 road test. Zia was my road instructor. His patience, advance techniques and experience skills gave me the desirer to drive! I recommend Honours Driving School to anyone who is looking to drive with safety and confidence!
Thanks to Zia!

Jasper French
Thanks to Zach and zia I passed my g2 test first try

Danmark Opinion
I was a student at Honours Driving School and my instructor was Zack. He showed me the ropes and made me feel like a confident driver. Zack is a very careful, safe, and patient instructor. Thanks a lot for helping me get my G2 license.

Chichi Wu
Zack is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I passed my G2 yay 🙂

IvanaPtc Ptc
5 Stars and a few more for Aisha and Zia’s services. Both went above and beyond in getting me drive ready. (Passed G2 at the first attempt.) I would definitely recomend Zia to anyone who wants to learn to drive with confidence. Thank you

Thea Wellsman
I am very glad I chose Honours driving school, both the in class and in car sessions were excellent and helped me feel comfortable and confident on the road. My in car driving instructor, Zack, was great and I would not have been able to pass my G2 without his support. All of his instructions were very clear, he made difficult concepts seem easy and was very helpful, answering all of my questions patiently (even when I asked the same thing a million times) and ensuring I understood. He was also very accommodating of my busy school/work schedule, which made scheduling lessons a breeze. His teaching style was really excellent. Thank you!! I look forward to taking classes with you in the future for my G!

Shruti Talwar
I am very glad a friend pointed me in the direction of Honours Driving School and particularly Zia. From the start, Zia was very patient and explained everything clearly with all the whys and the hows. Things that hadn’t clicked before clicked when he explained them.The two-hour in-car lessons are exactly what I needed and much better than the one-hour car lessons i had earlier with an another school. Zia also was able to accommodate my very tricky schedule which i greatly appreciate. Zia was not just teaching me for the test but giving me life long skills that I will value. I have already recommended Zia to a close friend. Thank you!

Roger Ren
Zia, I passed Road Testing today! You are amazing! All the tricks of the Instructor were covered in your driving course! You are the best coach! I will always remember your advice of driving safe as long as I sIt behind the wheel!

Dmitry Balashov
I’m 33 with very limited prior experience, and I just breezed through my G2 driving test thanks to top-notch instruction from Najib. Najib is an extremely kind and patient man, who is honest in his feedback and very effective with the small practical tips that made a major difference in my skills and thinking about driving altogether.
I looked forward to every lesson, as I knew I would walk away with new and improved skills, and because the two hours that we spent together would be accompanied by fun and relaxing conversation.
The school has the reputation that it does because it employs hard-working and dedicated people like Najib and Zia (my in-class instructor) who are passionate about what they do and genuinely care about putting skilled and careful drivers on the road. Highly recommend – five stars all around.

Elias Chaccour
I highly recommend Honours Driving School, both instructors and administration who were very helpful. Zia was a great instructor. He was very patient, kind and informative. His teaching style made me understand the rules easily and I went into the exam super confident because of this and his words of encouragement. I highly recommend Zia as an instructor. Ended up passing the exam comfortably and feel very confident of driving on the road alone.

Chandra Wim N Karmelita
I just pass my G2 road test on first trial! Thank you so much to Zack, my in-car instructor, who has taught me patiently! Also to Zia who has been making the in-class sessions so useful.

Batuhan Demirkaya
My driving teacher zia is a perfect person , he taught me everything with patient I am just writing these after my exam and yes I passed

Kat Nuestro-Juanane
Honours Driving School provides a great learning experience specially with a beginner driver like me. Zia is a very good in-class instructor and Zack is a very patient in-car instructor.

Sarah Jargstorf — 
Both in class and driving instruction were superb. Everything was laid out clearly for the in-class. I signed up for Package B which includes the car for the G1 exit test. I also signed up for addition driving sessions because I do not have a car to practice. It was well worth it. I had Najib for my driving instructor. He was calm, gave clear instruction, and was always fully alert to our surroundings. I’m extremely pleased to have enrolled at Honours Driving. They offer great value and after passing
my G1 exit test I feel way more confident in my driving ability and being able to read the road and traffic in the bustling mid-town area

Mariss Rafuse — 
Prior to enrolling at Honours Driving School I had taken driving classes with several different driving schools. Their approaches were not working for me and I was not able to grasp many of the important concepts. So I checked online and read many positive past reviews about Honours Driving School. The administrative assistant, Aisha was extremely helpful and explained to me all the affordable options. She assigned me the driving instructor, Zia. He had a systematic and logical methodology for teaching concepts like parallel and reverse parking that finally clicked for me. It took a lot of practise and at times I felt like giving up, but with Zia’s patience and understanding I pushed myself in my lessons until I finally passed my driving test with flying colours. Also, I took the Honours Driving School Beginners Driving Education (BDE) that was taught by Zia. It was extremely helpful for road safety and driving techniques even an experienced driver can benefit from. The hard work from the Beginners Driving Education paid off and I got 40% off my car insurance. Based on my experience with other schools I believe Honours Driving School is the best driving school around. I rate Zia a 10 out of 10 as he has a solid approach to teaching driving that provides students with the tools and understanding of how to drive effectively.

Luciana Nahoum Pache de Faria — 
My instructor was Zia. He helped me to go from G1 direct to G, being very honest and assertive! I am really grateful for his professional conduct and advices!! Thank you!

Vipin Mathew — 
I am really glad I decided to take lesson from Zia at the Honours Driving School.
After failing my first 2 attempts, i decided to take help from Honours Driving school. Im grateful they connected me with Zia. He was a great instructer. He guided me and taught me rules and tips and tricks to driving i had no idea of. He was calm and ensured that i was ready for my test. I passed my test and am confident (for the first time) about driving in canada thanks to him.
I look forward to go back to taking classes with him for my G license as well. Thanks Zia for your help.

Ilame Diop — 
I went to honours driving school and Zia was the best instructor ever. He really helped me to pass my G test. He was able to see my weaknesses and we practice a lot on them. Thanks to him! And to the school as well!

Meagan Wong — 
I had Zia as a driving instructor and I would not have been able to pass my G2 or my G on the first try without him. He was always very patient and taught me everything I needed to know to be a safe driver. I feel very confident and comfortable on the road knowing that I had a great teacher.
Thanks Zia for being an amazing instructor!!

Craig Robertson — 
Zack was a great instructor and teacher. He was very knowledgable and patient. He was instrumental in assisting me. I would not have gotten my G without his support. I would recommend Zack to anyone look for a great, experienced instructor. Thank you again.

Don R. Respicio — 
Thank you very much Honours Driving School. It was a very greatful to be in your school. Superb in-class to know more about the ontario traffic rule and regulations.
I would like to thank my in-car instructor Zia for helping me to get my G2 in first attempt. Woohoo
I would recommend this school to everyone who wants to pass the road test 100%….. More power Honours Driving School….
two thumbs up

Laura Chen — 
I had Zack as my driving instructor. He was very knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. There were times when I asked him the same questions over and over again, and he never got tired or frustrated. Thank you so much for all your help! Also, Zia was an excellent in-class instructor! I highly recommend Honours Driving School to everyone!

Jen Manley — 
I was a student with Honours Driving School (my instructor was Zack). I felt super prepared going into the test and passed on my first attempt! Thanks for all the help, I would definitely recommend Honours Driving.

George Petrovic — 
My experience literally could not have been better. In class Zia was incredible. You can tell he honestly and genuinely cares about his students. He is so kind and patient that it really made it easy to follow along and learn. I wish my professors at UofT were more like Zia…I would have paid more attention!
In-car, Najib was equally patient with me. I was so nervous at first but little by little we built up my confidence and I managed to pass my G2 with no issues. Now I’m driving almost every day and it’s thanks to Honours Driving School and specifically Zia and Najib! Thanks guys!

Salome Fernandes —  I highly recommend Zack as a driving instructor. He is a highly skilled trainer, is patient and very approachable. Zack has excellent teaching methods with proven techniques, and trains you sufficiently to succeed in your tests. I successfully passed by G2 yesterday thanks to Zack.

Louise Fischer —  Zia was an excellent driving instructor. He prepared me sufficiently for the G test and helped me feel confident on the road in Toronto. He was always calm and patient and explained everything very well. He is also really friendly and approachable and I enjoyed spending time with him. I highly recommend Zia! Thank you again, Zia, for preparing me to pass!

Juan Espinal —  Thanks to Honours driving school and Zia. He is really good a instructor and teacher. Thanks to him I passed the g2 test. I recommend the school for everybody that wants to get drivers licence. Your chances of passing will increase by having Zia and Honour

Anoop Nair —  Zia was my instructor at Honours. He’s is the best to learn from. He understands the pace of your learning and helps you identify your weak point and corrects them. He is one of the most patient instructors and good person. Would recommend him anytime.

Vajma Turial —  The best Driving school in Ontario , Best and experienced instructors both in car and in class.
I would say it was an honour to have Zia as my instructor.

Ali Radan —  I changed three driving instructor in Toronto because I felt uncomfortable…but zia (Honour driving school) was the best teacher I have ever had. He is very patient. He is teaching his lesson while is making a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. This guy knows his job very well….

J Zhou —  I am very lucky to have Zia as my instructor. He is very patient, encouraging, and calm. Moreover, he treats his students as his friends. I was not very confident when I started the training. Zia gave me a lot of confidence during these training sessions, explaining various techniques clearly, pointing out my mistakes very friendly, and providing suggestions for improvement very timely. Thanks, Zia!

Jennifer Loaiza —  Zack is an excellent instructor, he help me to gain confidence in myself, specially doing the parallel parking, he gave me very good tips! I got my G license 🙂 Thank you so much for your help!!! Thanks also to Zia, excellent in class instructor!!! Very good team!!! I definitely recommend the school!

Albert Ng —  Hi Zia,

I know this school because of you. You are the best driving instructor I have known.

Thank you so much for your lessons.


Cee Lowes — My first comment to Zak on our first lesson was “I am really nervous”. Zak’s blunt response was, “Don’t be nervous, this is nothing, you have to be like a soldier”. I understood what he meant by this and from then on I followed his instructions like a soldier. The result from our bootcamp was ASTOUNDING!

Within a month, I passed my G2 driver’s license test and I owe it all to the amazing instructions of Zak! He is very funny, nice, and patient. Each lesson was easy to learn through Zak’s guidance. In the beginning I had trouble with my parallel parking. Zak understood what I was doing wrong. After a couple of additional lessons, I can now confidently perform a parallel, front, and reverse park with ease! There’s a point in time in a driving lesson when you keep making a mistake and you don’t know what is wrong. With Zak he made me see what was wrong and helped me correct my mistake. It was such a breeze taking a lesson from him.

I strongly recommend Zak as your instructor. I didn’t expect passing the test on my first try but Zak proved me wrong. He helped me passed and become confident on the road and in my personal life

Elena Juni —  I want to thank Zia Rahmanyar also this way with helping me to pass G Drive Test.
This guy is just great. I can HIGHLY recommend him.
I was driving a car for more then 20 years but coming from another country I needed to do the test once more. Without his help I wouldn’t have been able to pass. He explained me what I need to be careful with, which mistakes I need to avoid. He was very practical and straight. And this is what I liked. He told me you need to do this, this and avoid this, this to pass.
I found Zia honest man with a good hearth.
Thank you, Zia! Was my pleasure to meet you.

Owen Li —  I’ve been to other driving school (AKA All Stars) before, it was a horrible experience.
If you wanna pass your road test, go to Honours Driving School and ask for Zia.

Arshia Ghori —  Today I passed my G2 test today thanks to the instructor Zack.
He explained really well and he is an excellent instructor.

sarah aouchiche —  I had Zac as an instructor – he is the best one you can have! He is always very kind, accommodating, patient and calm, while teaching you the proper techniques to not only pass your test – but to be a safe driver. I would recommend him to everyone!

Zia was the in-course instructor, and is also a very kind, accommodating and a great teacher. He is clear in his teaching and always has a warm/genuine smile.

I recommend this school!

Vivek Damani —  My driving instructor was Zack. He is an amazing instructor. He is well versed with the traffic rules and is an excellent teacher. I cleared my G2 test in first attempt, thanks to Zack

oksana abanto mehia —  I had a great experience preparing for my G test with instructor Najib. He broke everything down into simple steps and taught me some valuable driving techniques that made me a good, confident and safe driver. Thanks to him, I passed my G test on first attempt. I highly recommend Najib as an instructor. Thank You!

Jean-guy Gallant —  Thank you very much Zia and Honours Driving School for helping me in successfully acquiring my G2, then my G licenses. I highly recommend your school as a very good professional driving school.Thanks to my instructor Zia who was very patient , friendly both in class and in car. He was absolutely the best. Staff in the office was also very courteous , helpful and friendly. Thank you Honours Driving School.Thanks to Zia excellent instructions, I was able to get both licenses on my first attempt.

Katherine Robson —  Zia is by far the best instructor I’ve ever had! He has the most calming demeanour which helps me feel more calm when on the road. His explanations about manoeuvres are clear and easy to understand and put into action. Honours is lucky to have Zia as an instructor and I have no doubt he will continue to have many more students pass their tests with flying colors!

Net Castillo —  Just wanna say thank you Zack, my instructor, he was a great help in my success to passed my G2 driving license today! He was a good man,and very professional instructor.I would highly recommended him to anyone who wish to successfully to have a license. Once again thank you so much for all your help.

Tiferet Nashman —  Zia was a great instructor, very kind and patient! He helped me pass my G2 test on my first try, with only 2 months preparation!

Safar Ramadan —  Once again thank you Zia for helping me pass my G2 and G driving test couldn’t have done it without u !!! You are a great instructor

Lhonna Millan —  I am proud student of Honours Driving School and Zack is my ever patient in-car instructor. He is the best instructor, I must say. I have never driven a car before and enrolling in this school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am forever grateful to Zack for achieving this goal ( to be able to drive with confidence ). I am also looking forward on working with my G license soon with Zack of course. I will definitely recommend Zack to my family and friends.

Soraya Khan —  My experience with Honours driving school was great. Zack is the best instructor. Very supportive and informative. He seems to genuinely care about his students and do everything he can to make sure they get a good result. He made the course easy to understand. I’ll recommend this school to anyone who wants to get their drivers license with very little difficulty and a lot of confidence.

Pawan Agnihotri —  My instructor was Zack and he is a very good instructor. He has a very jolly, calm and friendly attitude and he makes you feel at ease while teaching. He very clearly explains all the rules and maneuvers of driving. His methods about parking (parallel, back and front parking) always yield perfect results and you can never go wrong if you follow his methods. He makes it very easy to understand all the rules and answers all your queries in a very logical way. He has an excellent understanding of the driving rules. Overall, I am extremely happy with Zack and will recommend him to everyone who wants to learn driving.

Divyam Beniwal —  I rocked my G2 today and all credits goes to one and only Zack. He is a great person and even better instructor. When I was practising with him, I get to know all the nitty gritty about the exam that were essential for passing the exam. I highly recommend Zack to those who wants to become driver as well as great actor!!

Sydney Sheridan —  I had Zack as my driving instructor and passed my g2 test. He prepared me very well for the test and made sure I understood all the aspects of driving. Highly recommended!

Jude Delsoin —  I am proud to announce that today , I pass my G2 road test on the first trial after years of not driving. Zack was my road instructor. His patience, advance techniques and experience skills gave me the desirer to drive! I recommend Honours Driving School to anyone who is looking to drive with safety and confidence!
Thanks to Zack!

Sarah Sherman —  Our daughter had a wonderful experience with Honours Driving school-specifically with Zia. He gave her very specific tips to help her with parking and effective strategies to improve her driving skills in order to pass the G2 exam.The office staff were also very helpful. A five star experience! Thank you Zia.

Amy Ru —  Great course both in class with Zia and in Car driving lessons with Zach. I passed my G2 first time thanks to Zach explaining everything so well and offering many methods on success with parallel parking. It is a really thorough course and if you put a lot of effort into it I’m sure you will be successful first time.

Sam Agustin —  Honours driving school. My instructor Zack was AMAZING!!!! Never thought I would pass the g2 license test, but I did with all his help and patience. I Highly recommend the school and Zack!! ThAnks in a million

Kathleen Cabillan —  My instructor was Zack ! And he’s an amazing driver instructor ! I I recommend Honours Driving school if you really want to pass your test ! They will teach you everything you need to learn !

Poorva Deshpande —  I started my lessons in late thirties and passed my G2 in first attempt. I have been extremely lucky to have Zia as my instructor! I was very nervous when I first started and Zia taught me from a scratch. He was very patient with me and taught me not only the principles of driving but also instilled confidence in me as we went along. His honest critique and encouragement made me feel comfortable with driving. Thank you Zia for all your help and support!!!

Geena Lee —  Najib (Nick) was my instructor for both G2 and G test and both times I passed on my first try. He is truly the best instructor you could ask for. He is very helpful, patient and reliable. He makes you feel relaxed at all times. I would recommend him to everyone. Thank you again!!

Paul Povezka —  I had a great experience preparing for my G2 driving test with Zia. He is a very friendly and professional instructor. My lessons were fun and stress free thanks to his clear explanations and calm demeanor. His instructions about parallel and back parking were very helpful and during the exam I was able to perform those maneuvers with no problems. Even though I had only limited time for practice, he was able to give me all necessary information about the test and I knew exactly what to expect. Driving with Zia gave me confidence in my skills and I was successful in passing my test at the first attempt. I highly recommend him!

Caleigh McKenzie —  I’d like to say a big thank you to Zia for being a wonderful instructor. At first, I was very nervous (being from a small town and learning to drive in the city is daunting), but after 20 minutes, I felt incredibly comfortable and relaxed. Zia was kind, patient, and very helpful when it came to helping me perfect my driving skills. With his help, I was able to pass on my first try and get my G2 with ease.
I recommend anyone who is wanting to get their license to do it with Honor’s Driving School. I will definitely be going back to freshen up my skills when it comes to getting my G next year.
Again, many thanks Zia. You’re the best!

Delina Garcia —  HUGE thanks to Zia for being the best driving instructor. He is the most patient, thorough, nicest human being and teacher. After his lessons I was able to obtain my G2 on my first try! I am a safe and confident driver because of his support and lessons. Hands down the best experience!

Fiona Lee —  I passed my G2 and G drive tests under the patient and encouraging tutelage of Zia. He taught in a very clear and structured manner which prepared me for safe driving on the road and for the expectations of the drive tests. I improved my back parking and parallel parking dramatically from his instruction and have become a confident driver. Zia is always punctual, professional and positive. I recommend him to anyone aiming to succeed in their drive tests! Thanks Zia!! You are the best!

Spartan Steve Cuffy —  My wife Lillian Vincent and I Samuel Olando Cuffy passed our G2 drivers license due to the excellent teaching of Zack our instructor. Zack was a knowledgable, patient, and understanding instructor. I highly recommend Zack as an efficient and effective instructor. His guidance and teaching has led my wife and I to be confident, safe, and defensive drivers. He is definitely our choice when going to get our G license next year. Thank you Zack and Honours Driving school!

Zirui Jerry Song —  Got my G2 here. The in-class sections are really helpful and well organized. And my driving instructor, Zach, is really nice, patient and intelligent. Much appreciation, will definitely recommend to my friends

Sarah Smith —  I have had my license for over 20 years but when I moved to downtown Toronto I stopped driving. I was terrified to get back on the road again and so I called Honours Driving School. They connected me with Zack who turned out to be a highly skilled teacher and incredibly patient and compassionate. He gives very precise, clear instructions on all things related to driving, But more importantly, he helped relieve the intense anxiety I have on the road. Now I am driving again and even on the highway! I highly recommend Zack if you are a first time driver or just want a few refresher classes. Many thanks, Zack, for helping me conquer my huge fear of driving and doing it with such grace and respect.

Borden Rhodes —  I am very grateful to Zia Rahmanyar at Honours Driving School for giving me the skills and confidence to get a G2. About 8 years ago, I took the Young Drivers course and bombed my test so badly that the examiner wouldn’t let me finish.
After that experience, and getting the run-around from Young Drivers who said that they felt really badly and would happily take more of my money with no guarantees, I gave up driving entirely. However, bumming rides as I got older got more embarrassing, so I reluctantly tried Honours based on their excellent online reviews.
Zia was very patient and his teaching methodology differed vastly from Young Drivers:

1) He minimised the new material in each session to make sure that I could focus on one thing at a time. Having helped other students pushed through YD, he agreed with me that YD overloads its students with its patented laundry list of habits and sub-habits and sub-sub-habits. He emphasised mastering the basics before moving onto more advanced techniques;

2) He patiently drilled everything to perfection. I quickly lost count of the number of parallel parks we’d do in an hour. In contrast, YD would introduce a topic, practise it a couple times and then move onto the next item;

3) He directed my attention to things that examiners would look for during the test and made sure that they became habits. He made sure that I did full blind-spot checks and turned my head when looking at the mirrors. YD, in contrast, told me to keep my eyes darting all over the place so much that I couldn’t take in any information. They never even told me to turn my head when reversing!

4) He memorised the Highway Traffic Act and would tell you exactly how many metres you needed to turn and stop. Zia also would teach manoeuvres using simple, fail-safe steps that a robot could do. Although these were tailored to his car, they gave me a reference point for learning and, more importantly, doing them correctly on the test. This was much more helpful than YD’s approach to “use your best judgement and sense”.

All of this came at less than half the price of what YD charges! Needless to say, I shall be returning to them next year for G test training.

Philip SeguinI would like to recommend Zia as a top choice for a driving instructor.

My son was not successful with his first G2 test. I did some research and came across Honours Driving School. I read the reviews on Facebook and Zia was highly recommended by previous students who had originally taken lesson at a different driving school.

Even after the first lesson I noticed a difference in my son’s technical driving skills as well as his confidence behind the wheel. He has now passed his G2 thanks to Zia’s training.

5 Stars!

Michelle PadillaThank you so much to Zia for helping me prepare for the driving test. He was very helpful and patient. He is a great experienced instructor who gave me helpful tips to improve my driving and helped me prepared and pass my test.

Adnan SaoudFinally got my G2 license!! Thank you Zia for being my instructor

Francesco BertolazziThanks to Zia I have been able to get the full-G license at first try. He is very professional and punctual. He is patience and encouraging: his pieces of advice helped me keeping calm during the test. Highly recommended. He saved me time and money. 5 stars well-deserved.

Souheir MoustoAs a family (me my husband and my daughter) had lessons with Zia Rahnanyar. due to his excellent teaching methods and patience we obtained the G2 and my husband got the full G. Thank you Zia for your efforts and I am looking for our coming lessons to obtain the full G.

Diana Romero —  I did my G2 test ! Zia was the best ! I really like the way the lessons where given to me 🙂 and I pass ! Zia is a great instructor, very helpful also the explanation was very clear

Yasir Mahmood —  I passed my g2 road test in first attempt. Mr. Zia you made my day special on 9.DEC.2015. I am very happy and feeling blessed to have u as my driving instructor. You just made me obeying traffic rules very nicely and friendly way by practice and practice not only for my road test but also for my safe upcoming drive carrier.
Thank u zia brother for being professional and polite with me. Wishing u a very successful life ahead

julius velasco —  Zack, my instructor, was a great help in my success to pass my G2 driving licence test on my first try today. He is a kind and intelligent instructor and i cannot thank you enough for my achievement. Zack, your help will never forgotten.

Courtney Allan —  Honours Driving School provides highly professional and effective driving instruction. My instructor, Zia, was phenomenal. He is an incredibly clear and calm instructor and a main reason why I passed my driving test. I would highly recommend Honours Driving school and would insist that you seek training from Zia.

Compared to other schools in the city, this one is conveniently located and the pricing cannot be beat. Office staff is friendly and helpful. Most importantly, you will receive high quality training from Zia, which will give you all the necessary tools to feel confident on your road test and as a licensed driver.

amish jain —  I took driving lessons in preparation of my G road test. My Instructor was Zia and he was excellent. Very courteous and friendly while at the same time professional. He was a great guide and prepared me as well as possible for my road test, which obviously I passed. I cant say enough about Zia. I will highly recommend him as a driving instructor.

Leon Cinho —  I want to thank my instructor Zia. I couldn’t have done it without him. He was more than an instructor. I remember the first class and what he said to me “we are gonna drive like if you are driving with a friend, don’t worry I got you.” I came with a very rusty driving skill and I left with my G2 Licence !
Thank you very much Zia.

Nick Ntoukas —  I had Zia as a driving instructor training me for my full G license. His expertise and conscientiousness is second to none and I will be recommending him to all friends and family that need an instructor. Great teacher and a great man!

Sana Badhwar —  Both Ayesha and Zia were crucial to my success in passing my driving test.

My situation was very precarious because I had waited until after the expiry of my G2 to apply for my G exam.

Ayesha helped me to determine the right package for my needs and driving skill to pass the test. She was consistent and helpful on the phone and in-person.

Zia was very supportive and patient with me. He was always calm in the car and never made me feel bad for my mistakes. He taught me all the techniques and helped me to focus on the exact areas that the examiners look for when evaluating students. He was encouraging and committed to my success, a wonderful quality in an instructor. The day before my exam it was dark and raining like crazy but he still took me out for a lesson so that I could get practice in a real-life and challenging situation. That really boosted my confidence and was a key factor in me passing my exam the next day (which was a clear weather day).

I passed the test for my G on my first (and only) attempt in the Metro East centre (known to be difficult) and I’m so grateful to Zia, Ayesha and Honours Driving School.

I highly recommend Zia as an instructor!

Grace Nguyen —  When I first approached Honours Driving School to get help prepare for my G2 test, I had a very high level of anxiety and a very low level of confidence due to my bad experience with another school and instructor previously.

Fortunately, Zia was my instructor. Zia had a cool and calm manner to handle a nervous, full of tension, rarely smile and talk student like me. He taught me all the necessary skills to drive safely. Sometimes, I made mistakes here and there. Zia would point out immediately and although he was tolerance with my mistake during the lesson, he made sure I would not repeat them in the test by training me good habits of safe driving.

Zia gradually increased my level of confidence, trusted in my ability to achieve and made me think of positive things before the test. To me, Zia had prepared me well both psychologically and technically. Only a top-notch instructor could do that. I would definitely go to Honours Driving School again and have Zia prepare me for the full G test. Thanks for trusting in my ability and giving me the courage to go through the fear, Zia!

Eli Na —  I had just pass my driving test last week at first try. I had a great experience with Honours Driving School. My instructor was Zia, he is very patient and give clear instruction. Zia helped me with the basics first and then corrected me as I started to get use to driving. He continuously observed how I drive, reassured me by pointing out the things I did well, and gave me feedback on how to improve my driving. He did not only gave me important hints and suggestions for passing the driving test, but also showed me the difference between the test and driving in real-life. Special thanks to Zia and Honours Driving School for their amazing services!

Shahla Lala —  A big Thank You to Honours Driving School especially Zack my driving instructor he was so calm and patient with me. I recommend him to everyone who needs to learn how to drive!
Once again Thank You Zack.

Kaan Er — Special thank you to Mr. zia for helping me pass my g1 test. Very kind and patient instructor. He would always be patient even when I Made silly mistakes he taught me a lot. Thank you zia.

Shruti Tripathi —  Finally overcame the fear of driving and cleared G2 road test today. A big thanks to Zack and Honours Driving School. He is really a patient and helpful instructor. Totally recommend to everyone. Thanks again

Izhel Dapito —  Zack, my instructor, was a great help in my success to pass my G2 driving licence test on my first try today. He is a kind and intelligent instructor and i cannot thank you enough for my achievement. Zack, your help will never forgotten.

Angeli Ferrer Manaloto —  My instructor was Zack. He had so much patience with my driving. He helped me a lot and I passed. I want to thank Honours Driving and Zack for teaching me from scratch. Thanks a ton!

Aman Shanto —  Mr Zack is very patient and calm when teaching. Had a good experience with him.

Kirti Sehgal
—  I prepared for my G2 with Honours Driving School. My Instructor was Zack. It was my first time on the wheels when I came to Honours Driving School. Zack was patient as I took a lot of time to get over my inhibitions while driving. He taught all techniques( driving and parking) in a systematic manner and was very professional with the classes, yet flexible to adjust to your schedule. Zack taught me the right defensive driving style and safety on the road. I always had loads of questions and doubts and he patiently ( and correctly) answered all of them. As a result I passed my G2. I am definitely coming to Honours ( and instructor Zack) for my G next time and highly recommend them to any future drivers.

Bernardo Najlis —  Excellent driving school in Toronto. Najib was an awesome instructor hands down! Professional, assertive and helpful, he was with me all the way and explained everything to the very last detail.
Would recommend it to anyone who looks to pass their exams in their first attempt and not wasting any time.

Steven Medeiros —  I just completed and passed my G driving test today and I want to give a big thanks to Zia. He prepared me for both my G1 and G licenses and I couldn’t have passed both on my 1st try without his help and instruction. I wanted to pass along my gratitude to Zia.

Stella Maria —  A great big Thank You to the Honours Driving School especially Zia who guided me consistently and patiently through, and successfully helping me to get my G licence. Zia is an extremely calm, caring and knowledgeable instructor. He cares about learning to drive the right way, with the right approach to driving and being responsible on the road. Zia’s calm energy made me calm and drive confidently and respectfully.
I am so glad to have met Zia and have learnt to conquer my fears confidently to face my test. More importantly, I feel very well equipped to face the streets and to drive confidently. I couldn’t have felt this confident if it wasn’t for Zia.
Honours Driving School is very true to its name – they genuinely believe in giving the students accurate information, good driving techniques and confidence to handle any situations while on the road. I highly recommend Honours Driving School and Instructor Zia to anyone who at looking to get their Driving Licence and to become a better & safer driver.
Thanks you Zia.

Kirushan Rajan —  I had the the instructor Zack. I had never drove a car before I went to driving lessons and he quickly made me feel comfortable driving a car. He is a very patient,kind, friendly & funny instructor. I passed my G2 test on the first time. I will highly recommend him to all my family, friends & anyone else who needs driving instructions. You can’t find a better instructor other than Zack!

Nelani Kokularajan —  The instructor Zack is by far the best instructor!!!! I was so nervous when I was first learning how to drive, but after his lessons, I now feel very comfortable driving. Zack is a calm, patient, friendly instructor who takes his time and teaches you well on how to drive safely. He taught me everything I needed to know for the test, and as a result I passed! I highly recommend Zack as a driving instructor! He is amazing!

Vinod Mani —  My instructor Zia from honours driving school , is a real expert tutor. He is very calm and explained all the rules. Also he effectively managed the time to teach all rules while in the practice sessions . He given all the opportunities to learn from the practice sessions and explained me tthe mistake’s which I am making. It really helped me to improve myself and today I cleared the g2 test. Thanks Zia and honour’s .

Marvin Alinsolorin —  My Instructor Zack is very very helpful and informative. He keeps an eye on me every time I’m behind the wheels and make sure im doing everthing right. I was not very confident when im going to take my G2 exam but he gives me confidence. And thanks to him and Honours Driving School. I now got my G2. Wiiiipiiii.

Danka Kerr —  I Want to say a BIG thank you to Honours driving school. It is a best school in Toronto. Special THANK YOU to ZIA!!!! He”s a great teacher, very professional and patient. I recommend him to everyone who needs to learn how to drive! Great school and Zia is a best !! He was a very VERY helpful. Thank you ZIA one more time!! And good luck to EVERYONE !!

Colleen Elizabeth —  My instructor was named Zach, He was very helpful to me he taught me alot, I never knew how to park the car the right way intill Zach taught me how to properly park, it was eaiser then i thought. He is an awesome instructor, very helpful. I felt confident when I went for my road test I dont think I could have got my licences without Zach’s help!! Thank you Zach for helping me pass my road test, I feel confident enough to park anywhere now with no troubles thanks to Zach.

Raluca Alexandrescu —  Special thanks to my instructor Zack who helped me tremendously! He was very patient with my slow learning and explained everything in detail so that I could understand easily. He was very warm and we got along beautifully. Zack is a wonderful instructor because he is able to connect with his students and shapes his teaching style to match his students’ learning abilities. He gently pointed out my mistakes and helped me correct them in a very beneficial way. He was encouraging and made me believe in myself. I cannot imagine myself getting this far with someone other than him. Zack, thank you so much for everything!

Mariela Chavez Valdez —  Thanks to Zack, my instructor, I got my G2 licence today! He was patient, friendly and always had an answer to my questions. From the very beginning, he gave me all the guidance that I needed and made me feel confident.

Owais Akhtar —  I took driving lessons with my instructor, Zia, to see what my progress is so far. I have to say he was very patient and very efficient in explaining everything I needed to know to be safe on the roads. 5 stars for a very calm, understanding demeanor, and efficient teaching methods! Recommend this driving school to everyone.

Tisha Maritess Pascua —  I’m sending this review in regards to my pleasant experienced at Honours Driving School. Yesterday I passed my G2 and I wanted to say thank you so much to ZIA for such EXCELLENT driving instructor service! I couldn’t done it without him. I started from scratch and now I can’t believe I did it! Zia, who was patient with me even tho I had never been behind the wheel of the car before. I was so nervous on the first day of my driving lesson. But Zia made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. He’s so friendly, calm, and spoke positively. He was so encouraging every time I made mistake. He gave me something that money can’t buy; CONFIDENCE! I will definitely recommend Honours Driving School to everyone and of course ZIA, the best driving instructor ever! I’ll give him 5 stars and he deserves more than that. Thank you, God bless and more power to Honours Driving School! 🙂

Ray Situ Ray Situ —  I was very hesistent in paying for driving lessons but having met Zia, I don’t regret it one bit. He’s funny, friendly, professional, patient, and prompt. He treats you not as a student but as a friend. I started with no driving experience and by the end of our lessons, I passed my road test with flying colours. He teaches you each technique with miniature cars and tries his best to make you feel as comfortable as you can be. He also provides numerous tips, reminds you of what’s important, and gives you tons of encouragement / positive vibes. Thank you again Zia.

Sophia P —  Zia is a great instructor. I’m a nervous driver and he never made me feel bad for mistakes. He provided me feedback and tips to improve my driving skill. I passed my G2 test. I will definitely take G lessons from him next year.

Christina Tataglia —  My instructor Zia at Honours Driving was fantastic! Zia was patient, kind, professional, punctual and always calm. I had previously had lessons at another driving school and was left confused and disappointed. In my short time with Zia, however, I quickly learned the techniques needed to be an excellent driver. I also very much appreciated his calm demeanour when teaching the rules of the road as well as his specific and accurate knowledge pertaining to precision manoeuvres like reverse parking. I would therefore highly recommend Honour Driving School to anyone! I am ecstatic to have obtained my licence!

Mary Grace Kistindey —  I give ZIA 5 stars!!! He was recommended to me by my sister and her friends and I must say that he is the best driving instructor in the GTA. He made everything a PIECE OF CAKE by breaking everything down in simple steps that were very easy to understand. He is so FRIENDLY, PATIENT AND VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE OF THE ROAD. Because of him, I was able to pass my G2 on the first try. To anyone looking for an AMAZING driving instructor, PLEASE ASK FOR ZIA. You won’t regret it!!! THANK YOU ZIA!!!!

Jonas Lee —  Their driving lessons were very helpful, and am very happy to have taken my classes with Honours Driving School. I am especially grateful to Zia. I highly recommend this instructor!

Navang Gandhi Navang Gandhi —  Honours Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Toronto. I am very satisfied with their in class and in car sessions both of them were conducted by Mr. Zia. He is good instructor in class as well as in Car. I appreciate his hard work and sincerity towards his job.

Erica Sol Erica Sol —  **5 SHINING STARS**
It is my privilege and great pleasure to write this review on behalf of ZIA, the most caring driving instructor in the GTA. He showed enormously great patience to make me feel comfortable driving on the road. As an instructor, he freely shared his knowledge and experience which helped me to be more confident. I passed both my G2 & G tests and it’s safe to say that I couldn’t have done it without ZIA’s genuine encouragement. I strongly believe that ZIA is one of the best teachers I had and I will continue to recommend him to all my families and friends as I want them to have the same excellent experience I had learning from him. After many years that passed, I would call him and it’s amazing how he still remembers me and the adventures we had while driving all over town. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you ZIA for everything you’ve done for me and everybody.

Bethel Negash — I passed by G2 test on the first try today. All the practice I had was with Zack as my instructor. He is a very good Instructor. He is easy going which made me comfortable, teaches good techniques that make driving easy and safe, he is patient and always available to answer questions I had. It helped me be confident and feel prepared for the road test.

Thanks Zack!

Monique Gannon —  The best driving instructor in Ontario. I went to another school prior to coming here and I had no confidence in my driving or my instructor. Once met Zack, he showed me the proper way to drive and built up my confidence enough to pass my G2 on the first try. Thank you very much.

Midz Samz —  I passed my G test today! Zia is the best instructor ever. Very patient, knowledgeable, informative, and always repeatedly remind you of important points. I passed my G2 with Zia and I looked specifically for Zia for my G. I remember my in-class lesson with Zia too and it was never boring unlike what I always hear from other people about boring in-class lesson.

Yashoda Valliere —  I had a great experience at Honours Driving School. I postponed learning how to drive for several years and finally started learning at age 22. I was worried I would be the only older student in the class, but the students were a mix of all ages and backgrounds. My in class instructor was Zia, who was engaging and had a great sense of humour. My in car instructor was Zack, who was very friendly, patient, and an excellent teacher who explained the reasoning behind each rule. As a novice driver I felt safe and confident driving with Zack. I passed my G2 road test on my first attempt, and I will definitely be coming back for extra lessons at Honours Driving School before my G road test.

George Kat —  I want to take a moment and thank my fantastic instructor Zia!! He is a person who cares about his students and takes the time to show and teach them the proper and safe methods of operating a vehicle. As a first time driver I could not have asked for a better mentor than Zia. Driving on the busy streets of Toronto can be a nervous experience for any new driver but Zia’s personality, his patience and enthusiastic manner quickly made me realized that driving can be a great and enjoyable skill to learn. Zia is truly the definition of a teacher. I would highly recommend Zia and the Honours Driving School to anyone because they really are the best.

Horacio Ariel Coronel —  Najib, my instructor, is great! He helped me clear all my doubts and gave me the confidence I need it to pass my G1 Exit Road Test. I had several others instructors from different schools that didn’t were patient enough or didn’t explained to me what I was doing wrong.
I really recommend this Najib, great instructor, knowledgeable, and very patient. Thanks again!

Anie’s Alright —  Hello, I just wanted to say thank you to Zia for being such a good, patient and friendly instructor. Thank you for the encouragement, and support, i passed my G2.

Jamie Liebeck —  Great school, very professional. I was privileged enough to have Najib as an instructor. He was patient, nice and knowledgeable and passed on my first try.

Christine Servino —  I am beyond thankful for my instructor Zia for helping me pass both my G2 and G tests. He is very friendly, patient and most of all caring. He taught my sister and I how to drive 4 years ago and we did not hesitate to contact him again this year to help us with our G tests. We would not be able to successfully pass our driving tests if it wasn’t for him. Thank you, Zia! All the best!

Ahuva Levi —  Zia was an excellent instructor. He was Very patient and a great teacher. Really helped me to pass my road test

Anna Abito —  Zack is my instructor and he’s very patient and helpful. I appreciate his way of teaching, relax and not intimidating. Highly recommend him.

Taylen Power —  I passed my G2 today! Zack was my driving instructor and did a great job of explaining rules and giving me tips to help me out. He was always available to answer any questions. His techniques work every time and make driving a lot easier. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor!

Rennie Bimman —  Zia is such a wonderful driving teacher! I really enjoyed his lessons, both in-class and in-car. He ensured everyone in my driving class received a comprehensive education, while bringing charisma and friendliness to the classroom, making it a fun experience for all. As a first-time driver I was nervous, but Zia was very patient and made me feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel. His instructions were always clear and prepared me well. He made sure I was prepared for any situation I could encounter on the road, and that I had enough practice in every aspect of driver training. After Zia’s training, I had no trouble passing my G2 road test! I would recommend Zia as an instructor for any new driver!

Faisal Chaudhury —  Being new to Toronto to get my driving license I went to Honours Driving School for taking some driving lessons before going for the road test. School assigned Zia Ur Rahman as my instructor and I have to admit he was a great instructor. He made me accustomed to the rules on the road very quickly and helped me prepared for the road test in no time. He surely is a top class instructor. I would surely recommend this school and Zia as an instructor who are looking for the right school and the right instructor to learn driving in the streets of Toronto.

Silvia Cardozo Gonnet —  My instructor Zia was the best!!!! Very friendly and helpful with everything, I felt so comfortable all the time. Definitively I truly recommend Zia.

Cansu Gümüştaş —  H. D. S. is very luck to have Zia as a member of their team. If it wasn’t for Zia I don’t think I would have been as lucky as I was with receiving my g2 and g! He is very patient and good at teaching about the rules and regulations while on the road.I even recommended him to my other friends and they were as lucky as I was. I am very thankful for meeting an instructor like him! I can truly see Zia receiving a higher position at Honours Driving School! He is very good with what he does and I wish him the best!

Joahana Valdez —  thank you honours driving school for the excellent service. most especially to ZIA my driving instructor. i can’t thank him enough for teaching me and helping me pass my G2. he is very professional. highly recommended to anyone needing driving lessons…more power to you ZIA!

Gwendelyn Jang-Naruse —  Zia is an excellent teacher who has proven to be extremely patient and calm. He his excellent teaching style helped me obtain not only my G2, but my full G as well. He is professional and kind, and his dedication to his job was very apparent.

Not only did I use the skills he taught me to get my civilian driver’s license, but I used them to get my military driver’s license as well.

Ana Rey —  Zia is a great and very patient instructor , he taught me the basics of driving. His in-class material was very informative and great for a first time driver. His in-car lessons were above par and helpful. I gained more confidence in driving as the lessons progressed. Thank you, Zia!

Luminita Elena —  Hello present or future fellow drivers,
I would like to start this appraisal with a huge Thank You for “Honours Driving School Yonge & St. Clair” for their support and help on my way of getting my G2 driving license on the first attempt. Great Job! I will recommend it to everybody looking in getting their driving license.

Mostly, I would like to thank my instructor Zia, who had the skills, schedule flexibility, kindness and patience (with an extreme stubborn person like me), to achieve success in obtaining my driver license. When a Driving Test Examiner tells me at the end of the test, “Good job!”, it can only mean that my instructor, Zia, is a great professionist! He became a friend for life, not only for his professionalism, but for his great soul and humanity.

Now, I’m looking forward to achieve, at least the same success, for my G-full license very soon, of course, with the instructions and support from Zia!

Kudos to all of you at “Honours Driving School Yonge & St. Clair”! Great job!

Clifford Naruse —  Three of my four children have been with Zia since they started their journey to achieving their full G license from age 16. My twins who are now 20 years old would not be such proficient and responsible drivers if they hadn’t received the instruction and patience that Zia exhibited while under his guidance. They both received their full G license on their first try. My youngest daughter who is now 18 years old is just about to take her G test and I’m confident she will do as well as her older siblings. Zia, thank you for all your efforts, patience, and guidance over the last 4 years. As parents, my wife and I couldn’t happier. I only wish I knew about you when my eldest daughter was going through her driving tests. We will always promote you to our friends and family.

Stars X 10


Johnny Hsiao —  If I could rate Zia (from Honours Driving School) higher than 5 stars, then I definitely would have given him 13 stars. I first met Zia a bit over 1.5 years ago and he has helped me a great deal. Thanks to him, I now have my G license (he also helped me get my G2 as well).

I started out as a complete novice and didn’t really know what I was doing (I was really nervous), but he was very patient with me and gave me excellent driving instructions, as well as, tricks on parking and a bunch of other stuff. He is very personable, very hard working, down to earth, and great at communications and scheduling for driving lessons.

I highly highly recommend him and hope all the best for him and Honours Driving School!!

Catherine Rubio —  Zia was the one who made it possible for me to pass my G2 license. He was patient, understanding and very considerate to beginners like me. He will give his best to teach you the technique on how to drive safely on the road. For me, he’s not just an instructor but he’s a family. He always make you feel welcome and at ease whenever he talk . He encourages you and he has a positive attitude. I highly respect Zia for being professional and for caring to his student. And if you want the best driving instructor…Zia is the name.

MKho JV —  I feel so blessed and lucky knowing Zia and having him as my driving instructor. I am very grateful to him ‘coz finally I got my licence. He was a good man, great and very professional instructor. I would highly and proudly recommend Zia and Honours Driving School to anyone who wish to successfully have a licence. A big thanks to you Zia . Continue helping and inspiring people. Keep it up. God bless !

Onur Akgul —  I had the privilege of learning how to drive with Zia as my instructor. This man is the definition of professional and I honestly could not have had a better time learning. He always said “I try my best to teach every one of my students.” I’m a very confident and experienced driver now and I have Zia to thank!

Renata —  Thank you ZIA and Honours Driving School for guiding me to the successful completion of my Test! I passed on the first attempt of Full G. My experience with Honours Driving School was great and my instructor ZIA was amazing.

I was not an experienced driver. I did not drive for over 13 years and when I used to drive it was very little. I got my G2 four years ago and after that day I never drove again.

ZIA is very experienced and knowledgeable instructor. He taught me all the skills I needed to drive and made things so easy to understand. ZIA is not only a good professional but also a caring and honest person.

Vijeta Mukerjee — I would like to make a special mention about Nick my driving instructor. He helped me a lot in successfully getting G2. When I started driving I would make many major mistakes but very patiently he taught me step by step how to be correct every time. Not only was it a good feeling to pass my G2 test but now I am also confident of driving alone because of the practice that I did under his guidance. Great job NicK and Honours driving school. I definitely recommend others to join Honours driving school.

Cliff JN —  During the time that I spent getting my driver’s license, I had the absolute honour of having Zia as my driving instructor. While working towards my G2 and full G, Zia was patient and friendly. At no point did I feel scared or nervous driving with him. If you are looking for a driving instructor, I highly recommend Zia. His friendly personality and his vast knowledge and experience of teaching will truly aid in making you a safe and excellent driver.

Dave Joo —  Zia was great for preparing me for the road test. He was professional, friendly and always patient. His lessons and personalized tips on preparing for the test were invaluable to making me a skilled, safe driver and also to pass the test. Thanks again Zia!

Warren Hilario —  I just passed my G2 test today and my instructor was Najib. He is honestly the best driving instructor I could’ve asked for. He was relaxed, supportive, and a good teacher. Because of him I’ve become more confident in my driving and I’d like to thank Najib for that

Megdelyn Jang-Naruse —  I’ve had Zia as a driving instructor for over a year now. He helped me get my G2 in about 2 months at a different location and I’m working on getting my full licence now. He is a very patient and personable instructor. Zia has helped my 2 older siblings get their full G licence as well. Everyone in my family that has been taught by Zia has a clean record. Go to Honours Driving School and ask for Zia. He is, without a doubt, one of the best driving instructors out there. Someone give this man a medal!

Jobert J Dela Cruz —  Big thank you to Najib and Zia for helping and guiding me to a successful completion of my G2 Test! They are the best teachers/instructors you will ever meet, very patient, calm, and also funny! Honours Driving School is worth the time and money. I truly recommend everyone to join!

David Diaz —   I had a great experience at Honours Driving School. After failing my G2 test before and felling disappointed because I had driving experience back home, I took a second chance and registered at this school. Zia, my instructor, taught me all the skills I needed to drive here in Canada. He made me feel confident and secure, and also explained to me how the traffic system works in this country, not only in the car lessons but also in the in-class ones. I really appreciate his help, extraordinary knowledge and patience in this field. I successfully passed the G2 test and will go for the G soon, obviously with this master (Zia) and his terrific teaching skills. Thanks Honours driving for guiding me in the process of getting this driver’s license.

 Sankarshan Kundu —   I’m a newcomer in Canada. Really didn’t have any idea about where to go for a driving instructor or school. Just visited the Honours Driving School for an enquiry and eventually joined their driving course as it is very near to my work place. And I meet my driving instructor (in-class, as well as in-car) Zia. He is such a wonderful person and instructor, I never felt nervous or tensed while driving with him. He really helped me to pass the driving test and to get my G2 license. Thank you Zia and thanks to Honours Driving School.

Roya Rahmanyar —   Best Driving School in Toronto. I would recommend this driving school to all those people who want and are eager to get the maximum benefits from their in class and in car lessons. They offer reasonable price with flexible timings. FIVE STARS 🙂

 Richard Rockwell —  I had driving classes with Mr.Zia as my driving instructor in class and in the car, and I absolutely enjoyed my experience. Zia is a professional. He was always very calm and positive, even when I made mistakes. He would calmly point my mistakes out but then he would always reassure me that I would get it, and I did! He helped me become a confident driver, very comfortable behind the wheel. I actually enjoy driving as a result. Now that I have got my G2, I look forward to taking lessons with Zia towards 4 my G license!

Amy Alexander —  5 Stars ! Zia is an incredible instructor!! He is extremely laid back, patient and kind. The driving centres and instructors in general make me feel very anxious and intimidated. Having completed a two hour on the road driving lesson with Zia in preparation for my G test, he really made things so easy to understand. He explained everything I would need to know and reassured me that I would pass. It was his calm and relaxed nature that truly allowed me to focus and learn. I will always be eternally grateful to Zia and Honours driving school.

Taylor Durand —  After having Zia for the classroom lessons and Zack in-car, I give them both the highest recommendation.  Both proceed with their teachings in a calm, productive way, and make sure that the student understands.  Both were very understanding and patient, and stressed a safety-first mentality, ensuring not only a pass of the road test but also safe driving down the road.

Thanks Zack and Zia!

 Jamila Mirahmadi —  A really competent school with a polite and helpful staff

 Siri Thien —  I would strongly recommend Mr. Zia a driving instructor who is very supportive, patient and honest to his student. His instructions and tips for a road test is clear and easy to follow.  I would absolutely send my two children to learn driving with him in a near future.  Thanks again Mr.Zia!

 More Joshua —  Instructor Zia brang me to my driving test today and i passed with flying colours i was scared and he says dont be nervous just think happy thoughts and i would like to thank instuctor Zia for instructing me to get my licence and become a good driver. instructor Zia and i are best friends for ever Thank you Zia 🙂 🙂

He is also a very patient instructor and if you make a mistake he says its ok we will learn from your mistakes and doesn’t get mad or yell nothing he just says its ok my friend just do it again and it will be fine


 Ryan J. DeLaurentis —  I started driving later in life then most people my age (27). I was very nervous about it, almost to the point of being afraid. I had a couple of friends pass away at a young age from driving related accidents so I delayed getting my license for a long time. But Zia made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel right from the start. He was very calm and positive with his instruction, and he always explained why we did certain lessons a specific way, or why we were not allowed to do certain things while driving. He didn’t yell, seem anxious, or complain if I couldn’t figure something out on the first attempt. 

He was good at communicating to make sure our lessons were booked, and he gave me some valuable tips the day of my test to ensure I passed on the first attempt.

I have already sent two other friends to Zia since completing my course in August, and I look forward to working with him again next year when I go for my G test.


 Alain Latour —  Zia isn’t just about the most patient and experienced driving instructor you could hope for — he’s also one of the most patient, experienced instructors I’ve ever come across.

 Shinjae Yoo  —    I was so lucky to have Zia as both my driving and in-class instructor. Although it was my first time driving, he was patient with me and went through all the necessary procedures of teaching me the various driving techniques. Never once did I feel that he was a just a stranger teaching me how to drive, because he did everything in order for me to be at ease. It was more like learning how to drive from a good friend. How much more could you ask? And only two months after my final lesson with Zia I was able to pass the G2 Driving Test easily with more practice on my part.


 Azin Nouri —   My experience with Honours driving school is great, I found them very helpful and experienced.

Good luck

 Maricel Mandigma —  I highly recomended this school Zack is a good driving instructor.


 Fatema Zahra  —    If you are looking for an English speaking driving instructor then ask for Zia. Zia taught me everything I required to know about safe driving, he answered all my questions, and took me on some really good routes for practicing. He’s really dedicated to what he’s doing and hiring him is well worth your money. I passed because he taught me well. At the end of each lesson he points out what needs to be improved and points we must remember for safe driving. He’s not only an instructor, but also a great friend. Zia’s amazing. He never gets angry or mad at you if you make a mistake. He will explain you calmly until you understand what you need to do. I highly recommend him and this school to anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely.


 Chase Glasberg —   Zia was my classroom instructor, as well as my driving instructor. Besides being a fantastic, caring person and friend, he’s a great teacher. He does a great job of giving the driver a clear understanding of the rules of the road. Zia is always willing to do whatever it takes to please his students. Anyone who has Zia as a driving instructor in the future is very fortunate.


 Zalmay Rahmanyar —   My Instructor Zia was very patient and friendly and both in class and in car sessions were definitely worth the time. I started from scratch and considering how horrible I was, he must have had great patience not to go crazy. 5 stars for helping me get my license and on the first try! Honours Driving School is the best!


 Tracy Li —   I had Zia as my driving instructor both in class and in the car, and I absolutely enjoyed my experience. Zia was very professional. He made sure to text me before each class to confirm, and he was punctual for each class. His instruction was clear and easy to follow. He was always very calm and positive, even when I made mistakes. He would calmly point my mistakes out but then he would always reassure me that I would get it, and I did! He helped me become a confident driver, very comfortable behind the wheel. I actually enjoy driving as a result. Now that I have got my G2, I look forward to taking lessons with Zia towards my G license!


  Lisa Ng  —    Zia is hands down the best instructor I’ve ever had. My license had expired so I had to do my license all over again. He helped me very much, was extremely patient and calm, very thorough in explaining everything, and very accommodating. My friend had originally recommended him, and now I highly recommend Zia and his school to everyone. He was more than an instructor, he is my friend! You’re in excellent hands!


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